Liquid Vitae is a proprietary fertilization blend providing health to the landscape in a natural, safe, and sustainable way.  The liquid blend combines ocean minerals with organic fertilizer producing an incredibly effective, non-toxic alternative to conventional fertilizer. 

Deep in the Atlantic Ocean, minerals are extracted from sea water and processed into a concentrated solution.  These trace minerals help rejuvenate landscape plants and build immunity.

Our earth worms work hard to produce a complimentary product to the ocean minerals.  The earthworm’s natural action converts compost into castings rich in beneficial bacteria.  Rain water is the base for the solution.

Liquid Vitae brings the elements into a landscape allowing life to flourish.  Using Liquid Vitae allows for a immediate enjoyment; it is safe for people and pets, requiring no special handling.  Liquid Vitae improves the health of your landscape with each application.   The product is manufactured and distributed out of Deerfield Beach, FL.

Why a Fertilization Program?

I simplistic terms, the sooner you start a fertilization program using Liquid Vitae, the sooner you will begin to see and experience results.   Like many organic products, the affects are not always instant.  It may take several months for the plants to fully respond to our organic blend.   When they do, they are more resistant to issues (disease and pests).   If you start a program in mid-spring or mid-summer after experiencing a pest problem, it will take much longer for the product to take affect and revive the plants.    It is NOT a chemical, so we cannot completely wipe out what is currently infected directly after one treatment.   It will take time to slow down the problem, and more than likely, additional treatments may be needed.  This is an added expense.   Being proactive is the better weapon to create a beautiful and sustainable landscape.